Our customers have been asking for it for a while and as usual, we are more than happy to accommodate!

Here’s the thing, the past year and a half has been brutal to Maine restaurants. Many of our customers, and other restaurants around the State of Maine are suffering from lost time last year and now they struggle to find employees to continue their services in what is turning out to be one of the busiest summers for restaurants in a long time.

We want to make the process of ordering quick, easy, efficient. We don’t want to monopolize your time, in fact, we want you to be able to place your orders on your cell phone at the end of the day or while you’re prepping for service.

So Roopers has launched its prototype for our Wholesale division. Now you can use our app to add items to your cart. Each customer auto-creates an account with their first order, which will allow them to log in, view their past orders, as well as add items to their shopping cart, take a break, have a service, and come back to the ordering as time allots.